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You Mean There Is More to Insurance Than Price? Close your eyes and imagine a perfect world. Everything is free. No accidents happen. Life is a bed of roses. Now wake up to reality. In the case of insurance it is often true: “you get what you pay for.” READ MORE >>

The Fat Lady is not even warming up for this one.  In fact, it appears that she can go on that Trans-Atlantic Cruise she always wanted to take because if she continues to wait on Congress to do anything, she will be on Social Security. Assuming that social security doesn’t burn out either, but that would be a different story. READ MORE >>

  I know this has never happened to you but have you ever found Insurance coverage to be confusing?  When you begin with the basic premise that there is NO POLICY that covers everything then things will start fitting together. If you work on motorcycles, autos, RV's in any capacity then you know you need garage liability coverage. READ MORE >>

Good Evening,  Smart phones are ruling the digital world. But you probably already know that. Here is something that has been one of the best kept secrets in the universe. Colgrove Financial has their own Phone/Tablet app. READ MORE >>

Fourth of July Fireworks Greetings Thrill Seekers,   Here is the complete firework list from our newsletter.  We have clients scattered over Arizona and beyond, so I am listing those events I know of in the valley.  Tempe Town Lake, gates open at 5 PM and admission is $5 and children 12 and under are free. READ MORE >>

American Health Care Act - Update   As you most of you know the House passed the "American Health Care Act".  For those who don't, well they passed this.  It is not a repeal of the current situation, but a modification of the current situation. READ MORE >>

Good Morning, this message is time sensitive: Proposition 206 sick pay law kicks in 7-1-17   Does it affect you?  Are you ready?  July First there is a new Arizona Sick Pay law that starts.  This was part of the bill which increased Minimum wages to $10.00/ hour. READ MORE >>

Hopefully after last week’s introduction into level funding, you should have an idea of how your maximum financial exposure is on level funding. This week we will look at another benefit of level funded plans.   READ MORE >>

We are all looking for ways to better manage our benefit dollars. Prices have not only have increased, but dropping the definition of full time from 40 hours to 30 hours, has forced many businesses, to reallocate people's hours. In addition, businesses with 51 employees are still required to offer health coverage. READ MORE >>

       Good Evening,   I wasn’t going to write about swimming pool safety because it’s done a lot but I keep hearing about children drowning.   Drownings should never happen and yet they continue to occur. READ MORE >>

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