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Garage Keepers Insurance Information

Arizona Garage Keepers Insurance

Serving Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa & surrounding areas in Arizona

The business you built is unique and has different protection needs that are unique for you. We specialize in Garage Keepers coverages and the "what to add to protect your business," as well as working with you as you develop you business. With 25 years in business, we have learned a few things along the way.

Some things to look for:
  • Is everyone in your business categorized correctly for workers compensation coverage, or are the coverages lumped together?
  • Have you opted out of workers compensation coverage and are you and your families income protected with a salary protection plan?
  • Do you sell a few cars in the course of the year?
  • Have you evaluated your tool coverage lately?
  • How much are you covered for Employee Dishonesty?
  • Are your personal cars covered correctly on your business policy?
  • Does your business policy include products completion coverage?
  • Who test drives other people's vehicles and how are they covered?
  • Are defense costs included in your coverage limits or do you have first dollar defense cost and what is the difference?
These and many other issues need to be addressed to make sure your business is protected from accidents and frivolous litigation.

You know cars and we understand insurance. Call Colgrove Financial, LLC at (480) 830-2595 now, and we can evaluate where your garage keepers insurance coverage is and is not to help protect the business you have worked so hard to build.

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