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Med Spas & Salons Insurance Information

Arizona Med Spa, Barber Shop & Salon Insurance

Serving Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa & surrounding areas in Arizona

You have spent years developing your skills and building your business. Why would you trust an insurance agent who is a generalist?

My Aunt Peggy, who is a school teacher, cuts hair also. What do you think the difference is between her skill level, training, knowledge of products and design and yours? Will Aunt Peggy lose her business if she turns someone's hair green?

Do you want to work with someone who sells everything to everyone, or an agent who specializes in your own industry? You have too much at stake to risk losing what you have worked so hard for to a generalist agent.
  • Are you covered for a cyber attack if someone or an employee gets to your data? If so, how much coverage do you have?
  • If you have 1099 employees, do they have their own Professional Liability Coverage?
  • Who is covered by your workers compensation insurance program and are they categorized correctly? Are you part of the program? Why or why not? You should be part of the program and know how to protect your family's paycheck from an accident and/or health related problem.
  • Do you sell other people's products? If so, how are they covered?
  • Does your Professional Liability coverage handle frivolous law suits?
  • If your location is near an anchor tenant and they have a property loss, does your current plan provide business income due to a loss at an anchor tenant?
  • Does your coverage include Employment Practice Liability Insurance? You can be sued because of sexual harassment, because it happened on the job, even if you yourself might not be to blame for the claim.
  • Do you have Hired and Non Owned coverage on your plan?
Your clients work with you because you specialize. Shouldn't you work with an insurance agent who specializes in your business as well?

Call Colgrove Financial, LLC at (480) 830-2595 to set an appointment for our specialist to review Med Spa, Barber Shop & Salon coverage for peace of mind. After all, it is your business, not my Aunt Peggy's.
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